European Online Video Competition 

European Online Video Competition Winners are qualified for the Grand Final Competition in St.Petersburg

Winners Concert holds at Capella Hall (Venue Hire Award Value $35,000)

Result will be announced on 8th May, 2020

Vladimir Mischouk

Chair of Jury in 2019

Dear Friends!

Welcome all of you to join the St. Petersburg International Piano Competition! Piano Competition is similar to all other kinds of competition, they help us to find new talented young people.

I wish every candidate success and gather your own victory! You will need to fulfill your heart with love and hope, and be positive, be brave.

Good luck!


2019 St.Petersburg International Piano Competition Winner's performance:

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World Musicians League
The Network for Identified Musicians and Music Events
St. Petersburg International Music Competition Committee

Application Deadline: 23:59, 15th April. 2020

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